erica harris likes to make art.
I am drawn to:
anatomical charts, arabic newspapers, azbukas, abecedarios, asian pill packets, bingo dots, birdwatching guides, burmese grammar books, beeswax, broadsides, bakery string, braille, cancelled brazilian envelopes, carrier pigeon harnesses, cornerparts, connect-the-dot books, cyrillic letterforms, colored pencil, chinese notebooks, currency, candy wrappers, cardboard, doll arms, dried orangepeel, deeds, dress patterns, edging, elementary vocabulary, egg charts, eggshells, egg boxes, first aid manuals, flowered tablecloths, flashcards, french dictionaries, food packaging, gold leaf, global war maps, gravestone rubbings, gun diagrams, georgian dictionaries, gazetteers of nations, gameboards, gumsticks, housepaint, handwritten correspondences, handpainted signs, housecoat pockets, hindi stringpackets, hunting handbooks, indian postcards, ideas of hope, joss paper, laotian rice bags, lists of numbers, life magazines from the 40's & 50's, little wonder books, letterpressed ration cards, lowercase letters, matchbooks, montgomery ward catalogs, muskox likenesses, marblegame instructions, medicine labels, measuring devices, nepalese texts, nautical charts, old shoes, observation, obsolescence, piano parts, popular mechanics issues, pictures of small animals, polish, thai, and macedonian phrasebooks, paper masks, pin-up girls, piñata sorpresas, pinkham persimmons crates, player-piano scrolls, photographs of water and houses, palau, quiz-me games of useful knowledge, question and answer boards, retablo pieces, ritual objects, rice paper, sheet music, slovenian grain sacks, soap labels, small pictures of all animals, shrinky-dinks, sewing machines, shrine debris, serbian directions, seed diagrams, script practice sheets, sewingbox contents, typewriter keys, trim, the immigrant experience, toy cars, toy planes, tables of contents, things that fly, things in need of mending, the power of translation, toy theaters, teacup handles, titles, vintage album covers, wallpaper, what i remember, x-rays, yugoslavian lessonplans, yarn, ink, glue, and other languages...
Films and Music

chinterviews | 8 min. 2007
Phoebe Keeling Vandusen, Cousin Donna Dru, and Erica Harris star in this candid and introspective commentary filmed entirely on location in Woodstock, NY.

Six Sentences about my Qualifications and Objectives

six sentences | 4 min.
an artist statement made for instituto sacatar in itaparica, brazil.
music: excerpt from “sun bear concert, tokyo” by keith jarrett


trabalenguas | 1 min. 2007
Griselda Rubidia Castro Rodriguez stars in this short film made in Colima, El Salvador.
‘trabalenguas’ translates as ‘tongue twisters’.
music: excerpt from ‘camp bingham chronicles’ by erica harris

The Big Ship

The Big Ship | 6:05
made at Hall Farm in 2005
music: “Vogt Dig For Kloppervok” by The Books
“Green Grass of Tunnel” by Mum

Songs from the Book of Knowledge: Airplane
Songs from the Book of Knowledge: Airplane

The words in all Songs from the Book of Knowledge are excerpts taken from a 1939 Compton’s Encyclopedia. The music is by Erica Harris, mixed with Garage Band.
. . . . .
listen to Airplane
Never did things change so fast as in these days. Your grandfather’s father may have seen the coming of the steamboat, [...]

songs from the book of knowledge: echo
songs from the book of knowledge: echo

listen to echo
Nearly all ancient peoples had poetic stories about the echo.
According to the Greeks, Echo was a mountain nymph who pined away for the love of the youth Narcissus until there was nothing left of her but her whispering voice, and this she could only use to repeat the last word of others.
When you [...]

songs from the book of knowledge: pigeon
songs from the book of knowledge: pigeon

listen to pigeon
The Story of The American Pigeon, Cher Ami
Pigeons bred and trained for racing or for carrying messages are termed homing pigeons.They possess a remarkable sense of direction and can be trusted to return several hundred miles to their home lofts. Caesar used pigeons as messengers, and at the time of the crusades, there [...]

songs from the book of knowledge: moon
songs from the book of knowledge: moon

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The mind of man can hardly conceive that life has ever been upon the moon, but as we look at this silent world and see with our own eyes the mighty record of its past, we feel a sense of the boundless mystery of the universe.
We stand on a world of life and [...]

songs from the book of knowledge: water
songs from the book of knowledge: water

listen to water
Here is a good game. Let everyone write on a sheet of paper, and it should be a large one, every important fact he can think of about water, including its special properties, the things it does, and what it is used for; the winner to be the one with the largest number [...]

songs from the book of knowledge: photography
songs from the book of knowledge: photography

listen to photography
Note: The words in all Songs from the Book of Knowledge are excerpts taken from a 1939 Compton’s Pictured Encyclopedia and Fact-Index.