Blue Mountain Center 2021

Blue Mountain Center in the Adirondacks, has been an enormous source of inspiration and support for my work for almost 20 years. BMC, I can’t thank you enough.

Studio shots from my most recent residency in the fall of 2021.

The visual artists’ studio building…Lucid dreaming reminder cards for us all…

The very inspiring Minal, a fellow resident, taking their new tote bag for a spin…

The BMC garden…

And the main house…

A big chunk of lion’s mane mushroom, harvested by the cook, Intaba, in the afternoon, and prepared for dinner that evening…

A view from the boathouse studio…

2018 Collage

Upcoming residencies at La Ceiba Grafica y Rancho 2y2

I have the remarkable opportunity to spend 4 months this winter at the residencies La Ceiba Gráfica and Rancho 2 x 2. These are two incredible spaces for creative experimentation and cross-cultural collaboration in Northern Veracruz, Mexico.
There’s still time to help fund these projects by purchasing artwork from my Etsy site until Nov. 7th. And…free shipping! Use the code FREESHIPPING2017 at checkout.

Please help support a continuing exchange of ideas about papermaking, performance, printmaking, food, farming, sculpture, community, language, architecture, ethnobotany, the inventing of machines and the making of stuff.

To see cut-out woodblock prints of trout installed in an abandoned pool, collagraphs of spores, corn fungus, monotypes on cloth, toads printed on handmade paper with bits of locally grown kozo and coffee, please see this post from last year’s residency at La Ceiba.


Residency at La Ceiba Grafica

In February and March, I was a resident at La Ceiba Gráfica in Coatepec, Veracruz, Mexico. In addition to printing monotypes on paper and cloth in their printmaking shop, I ended up experimenting with papermaking, installation, and several editions of pizzas in their pizza oven. Making edible art out of local ingredients with the incredibly creative folks in the La Ceiba community was fantastic.
To all of you who participated in last year’s fundraiser to support these projects, I can’t thank you enough! To all of you at La Ceiba, see you again soon!

2016 Collage

Forty-five Tiny Works

A series of collages on paper, all measuring 4.5 x 6″

2015 Collage

Animals of India at Work and Play, a coloring book in Hindi and English

My first coloring book is now available HERE!
Based on actual events, the 18 black and white illustrations were made in Orissa, West Bengal, and Uttar Pradesh, India.
This project was truly made possible with technical help from Chris Sullivan in New Orleans, USA and translation help from Ajay Pandey at Kriti Gallery in Varanasi, India.

You will surely be inspired pondering a palette for the complex lives of these brave beasts:
Let me know how it goes.
Also a big thanks to the first focus group, the students of Buddha’s Smile School. You kids are a motivating force, and fun, too…bss_aoi_

2014 Collage

The Art Department in Portland, Maine

Some of the most inspiring work I’ve ever seen is being made at The Art Department, an arts space that serves “artists with intellectual and developmental uniqueness” in Portland, Maine.
I was invited to expand on their monthly theme of Album Cover Art by hosting a collage workshop. They were already off to an amazing start:
We all enjoyed searching through bits for the good stuff:
Jane chose The Mountains as the subject of her collage:
Devan chose to focus on Things That Are Scary:
Music and Neighbors of Poland, and Mythology were also subjects of the day:
Here’s some of the group with their finished pieces:

The arts program here was started a year ago by the fantastic Liz Mortati, now the Program Manager.
Artists are engaged in painting, paper mache, textile arts, sculpture, installation, film, exhibits, zines, book arts, photography, writing and text, signage, made-up language, community projects, interactive transparency and mylar shows, celebrity makeovers, and more! Their gallery was simply beautiful.
Here is Daniel Fuller, Director and Curator of the Institute of Contemporary Art, admiring an album & album cover bird mobile:
Tom Selleck made the scene…
As well as President Obama:
I was particularly drawn to a series of silkscreens prompted by the question “If your food could do anything, what would it do…?”
I am changed!
I’d like to thank Jane, Sophie, Devan, Abbott, Abby, Paulina, Steven, Justin, Liz, Sean and the numerous volunteers for making such a delightful workshop possible.
And a particular thanks to Adriane Herman for the introduction to The Art Department and the general whirligiging around Portlandadriane


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